Hetuck Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds bred for Versatility, Quality, and Health

Updated Available Page - Jamey x Rocket babies

Our Australian Shepherds are fed a raw, natural diet. 

Located in Beautiful Southwest Ohio

Interested in Aussies?  Great, we are too.  Do plenty of research, as this is not a breed for everyone.  Aussies are smart, quick, determined, loyal, attentive and furry.  They have lots of energy and work hard.  They are quick learners, which can make it easy for them to get into trouble.  They don't always like strangers, may herd whatever will run, and can be wary of children when not raised with them.  They are truely an American breed and versitile enough to fit most needs, not to mention beautiful.

Please understand:

" The Miniature Australian Shepherd, North American Shepherd, North American Miniature Australian Shepherd, and/or Toy Australian Shepherd breeds are not recognized as a variety of Australian Shepherd by ASCAra.gif. The club considers such dogs to be a distinct and separate breed and will not accept them into its registry. "

"Our bylaws state that ASCAra.gif's purpose is: 'To encourage members and breeders to accept one breed standard for the Australian Shepherd as approved by the Club as the only standard of excellence by which Australian Shepherds shall be judged.' It is the mission of this club ASCAra.gif and the mission of its members to preserve the breed rather than change it."